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Lahori Masala, Commercial Street.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of dining at the Lahori Masala, a brand new restaurant on London’s Commercial Street.  Spicy, rich, Lahori taste  is what I was expecting as suggested by the name,  instead dishes after dishes served gave taste of Sylhet then anything Lahore. I mean, why would you name a restaurant Lahori Masala when there is nothing Lahore about it? Perhaps to confuse people with the more established Lahore Kebab House on the other side, on Commercial Road.

Lahori Masala is a massive restaurant with about 600 seating, reasonably decorated, good service but food can be a let down if you’re expecting lahori food. Nonetheless, the Chicken Karahi was inquisitive though I can’t say the same about Lamb which was actually quite sweet. Sheekh Kebabs were perfect, whereas chicken wings and lamb chops were just standard. Mango Lassi was thin, papardoms were charged for and all 4 LCD screens were showing a rather boring Football game – which you don’t expect in a family restaurant, as my friend observed.

Overall, not a bad place to eat considering its only minutes walk from Liverpool Street and the Spitalfields. But beware, they do not serve tea!!.


Touch of Green

Our taste buds dragged us on a rainy Sunday evening for a South Indian. We headed towards Chennai Dosa, a south Indian eatery we were recommended. The menu on the website looked pretty good and I am sure it must be, however our nearest non-vegetarian branch looked more like a Perfect Fried Chicken outlet than a family restaurant. Disappointed, we decided to check out a relatively new restaurant on the infamous Green Street in Upton Park – Touch of Green. Finding parking space wasn’t difficult owing to the horrendous weather, and finding the restaurant wasn’t an issue either.  It was beautifully designed inside out, with remarkable interior lighting, clean minimalist lines, art deco furniture and an outside patio area. We were greeted at the door by the manager and offered a table for two of our choice. First impressions last, they say, and how true.

Ceaser Salad

Ceaser Salad with Chicken

The reason I am blogging about this is because I can’t remember the last time I experienced such polite waiters,

brilliant service, calmness and most important of all special attention to presentation in an Indian/Pakistani/Bengali restaurant. The presentation of the food was sublime and impeccable, it was neat and very carefully arranged – a delight to the senses, both visual and taste. It definitely wouldn’t look out of place in any starred Michelin restaurant.

Perhaps us being the only guests and having the restaurant to ourselves contributed towards creating the desired atmosphere. However desolate the place was, it was perfect. No nosy auntie jee’s with roving eyes, nudging one another wondering if we were married, or on a date and no other disruptions such as rowdy neighbouring diners, or kids who thought they were in creche. It wasn’t an ordinary day, the heavy rain last Sunday did force many to stay in. Green street was unusually quiet and we were given the same explanation of torrential rain being the reason for the lack of diners and shoppers by the Manager when we asked if they are open.

Italian Pyramid Cake (Pyramid Creme Anglaise)

Anyway, for those who haven’t tried it, you will like the hospitality and decor. But I wouldn’t make a trek solely for this. Ideally if you are visiting the area or shopping on Green Street you might want to try it out. It looks much better than most of what we see on Green Street but not in the same league as Tayyab, Khans, Imrans, or Spice Village when it comes to taste.

Oh and Touch of Green is closed on Mondays.

Touch of Green
156c Green Street
London, United Kingdom, E7 8JQ
020 8552 3517