Swiss Minaret Ban Advocate – Converted to Islam

Quite recently there was some furore being made in Switzerland and beyond regarding the banning of minarets on mosques across the country. Much was made and discussed of the decision made by the so-called neutral state, who has a small minority of Muslims residing in its land.

A while ago, there has been news of the main advocate for the minaret ban, Daniel Streich – member of the Swiss People’s Party has converted to Islam. Supposedly Daniel had converted 2 years ago but this news remained secret until recently. The only coverage of this has been in the Nation and Jewish blog.

Pondering on this, I wonder about the issues this throws up in the air. Whilst being Muslim he was campaigning for a ban on minarets. Perhaps he had introduced this campaign prior to becoming Muslim, and in its duration changed his views.  Or maybe he subscribed to the strict Salafi understanding and wanted the minarets banned in accordance of forbidding “evil innovation -bidah”

Maybe the whole story is a hoax! More to come….


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  1. Interestingly this hasn’t made proper news yet, the Nation is hardly reliable as source of news. This may very well be hoax or such a news may jeopordise the ban!

  2. I have travelled and worked in my youth – if I wasn’t liked ((:sh*t happens) I moved country. What’s with the insistence of staying put and demanding acceptance?

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    clash of civilization.

  4. Islam is the best. Read Quran to make sure

  5. Islam is the best. Read Quran to make sure

    Islam is the best. Read Quran to make sure

    Islam is the best. Read Quran to make sure

  6. Yes, please read Quran.

  7. سبحان الله العظيم الذى يدخل فى رحمتة من يشاء
    واتمنى من الكثير من الاجانب ان يعتنقو الاسلام
    good Islam (Daniel )

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