Search for the Truth or Tooth?

The Muslim Sufi channel on Sky called Noor TV run by Pir Alauddin Siddqui from Birmingham features an interesting debate show on Sunday Evening called Search for the Truth. The format of the show consists of an incredibly biased individual who “chairs” the debate, along with a seemingly keen learner who is there to extrapolate convincing arguments from each debatee of which there are two.

The first of the debating panel is a sister of Salafi orientation with the typical characteristics of harshness, being dismissive and zealous. The other is our Sufi sister, probably a die hard Mureed of the Pir saab, with the typical Sufi persona. Together, they debate the most controversial issues ranging from Shirk, grave worshipping to kissing the feet of pious people. We have been watching this show for a while and the conclusion is almost always predictably in favour of the Sufis at the expense of the Salafi sister’s shortcomings and inability to formulate a convincing argument – at least not to her panelist, the channel or the audience mainly beause they are all sufis.

The show almost always typically ends with the Salafi sister left to say, ‘I will go back to my Shaykha and come back on this’ only they never continue with the same topic again, not that she would anyway. The arguments are convincing although surprisingly the notes of the presenter, the keen learner and the debater are all somehow synchorised and often gang up on the Salafi sister.

The last debate was on kissing the feet of the Pious, the sufi sister quoted a Hadith in favour of it which was denied by the Salafi sister as it did not exist in her version of Adab al-Mufrad of Imam Bukhari compiled by her Shaykh Al-Bani. The response which followed from all three Sufi panelists was not based on a discussion on strength of hadith neither the classfication, rather an attack was launched on Al-Bani, accusing him of tempering with the original texts – a debate the Salafi sister could not win. She failed to mention that Al-Bani was a Muhadith well qualified in sciences of Hadith possessing the necessary skills to scruitanise and reclassify hadith, a process of Renewal (tajdid) which is far from corrupting or tempering, but rather is a process of purification and preservation.

Anyway, week in week out they are debating complex issues using references which are literally read out from pieces of paper. There is lots of arguing and every effort is made to show the weakness in Salafi methodology in favour of an Islam which revolves around Shrines, Peers, kissing the hands and feet of the ‘pious’, Khatm, yarween sharif and such. Don’t get me wrong, I am not Salafi or anything but I certainly do not take any of these practices seriously.

As for the show, I think its a complete sham and a setup. If the Salafi sister was sincerely there to propogate the Salafi manhaj, she would do her “research” and present her arguments more convincingly and soundly rather than by ranting “and you should stop doing xyz, seriously-its bida’h” or “Memona can never break this argument, I say we finish the show here!” and expecting them to agree. The sufiesque sister on the other hand regularly goes off topic and begins to link random points to her arguments to make them seem more lofty, tolerant and inclusive, using the “impressionable keen learner” to acquiese with her point much to the chair’s satisfaction who often also sides with her and regularly joins the debate.

Makes for good Sunday night entertainment as long as you are not Salafi!


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  1. BismillahirRahmanirRahim

    I guess its just a matter of if people believe 20th century Albani was better educated than one of the greatest Hadith masters of the Taba-Tabayeen (Imam Bukhari) at Hadith, and therefore in a position to correct his books.

  2. Wa alaykum assalam Brother

    No one will or dare to even compare let alone consider Shaykh Al-Bani (may Allah forgive his shortcomings) to be more knowledgeable than the grand Shaykh Imam Bukhari (rha). But this point is not here nor there, rather it turns the discussion into an emotional tantarum.

    The great scholars of Islam founded Mustalahal Hadith for a reason, a deep meaningful and well thought out reason. The founding and further development of such a science would allow future capable minds to utilise these principles in order to preserve the sacred knowledge. So compilation of hadith books with further classifications is not a new thing, almost every great scholar had a compilation of hadith. It doesnt mean he/she were more knowledgeable than Imam Bukhari?

    For example, the contention here is about this particular reference from Adab al-Mufrad of Imam Bukhari:
    976. Suhayb said, “I saw ‘Ali kiss the hands and feet of al-‘Abbas.”

    Remember not everything in adab al-Mufrad is classified because unlike the Sahih it is a book of ethics and conduct not laws and rules. The above quoted is clearly Not a hadith, it contain no chain, no reference to who Suhayb might be and even if we accept this as sound, it is merely a tradition. However it would be different if Ali (ra) kissed the hands and feet of al-Abbas and Prophet (saw) approved or recommended it. But we don’t have a context. Could it be that it was a custom (‘Urf) of the people to kiss hands and feet out of respect which later became abrogated as civilisations advanced and Muslims transformed from bedouin tribes to dynasty. I am not a muhadith or a Faqhi just looking at the possibilities, I know Imam Ibn Khaldun has a few things to say about this, though I will have to find it.

    The point of this post was, which I guess I should have pointed out: There is no point having a heated debate on one particular tradition from such an important book like Adab al-Mufrad whilst forgetting the real purpose of the book which was penned to teach us ethics, manners and most important of all Adab al-Ikhtilaaf.

  3. Sounds like a petty discussion on TV and a petty followup discussion on internet forums.

    Are we denying that Ali (R) did this practice? Are we saying Ali (R) performed evil things (hasha astahgfirullah) or was he one of the righteous Caliphas? Are we saying Imam Bukhari (R) was wrong in including this manner of greeting in his book of manners? Sounds like a lot of nonsense accusations and looking for excuses to condemn a very good manner and tradition because it doesn’t suit some people.

    I’ll stick with Imam Bukhari (R) and Ali (R).

  4. By the way its not the only hadith on the subject of kissing hands and feet, within Adab al Mufrad, and more than one involve the Prophet (S).

    972. Ibn ‘Umar said, “We were on a raid and the people fled. We said, ‘How can we meet the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, when we have run away? It has been revealed, “unless he is withdrawing to rejoin the fight” (8:16).” We said, ‘We will not go to Madina and then no one will see us.’ Then we said, ‘Perhaps we should go.’ The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, came from the Fajr prayer and we said, ‘We fled.’ He said, ‘You are those rejoining the fight.”‘ We kissed his hand. He said, ‘I am your group.*'”

    [* The ayat continues, “or withdrawing to support another groupÉ”]

    973. ‘Abdu’r-Rahman ibn Razin said, “We passed by az-Zubda and were told, ‘There is Salama ibn al-Akwa’. I went to him and he greeted us. Then he brought out his hands and stated, ‘With these two hands I offered allegiance to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.’ He held out his palm which was as huge as a camel’s foot, and we got up and kissed it.”

    974. Anas was asked, “Did you touch the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, with your hand?” He replied, “Yes,” so they kissed it.

    445. Kissing the Foot

    975. Al-Wazi’ ibn ‘Amir said, “We came and were told, ‘That is the Messenger of Allah.’ We took his hands and feet and kissed them.”

    976. Suhayb said, “I saw ‘Ali kiss the hands and feet of al-‘Abbas.”

  5. Brother Yusril, I think you misunderstood my point in raising this discussion. The theories of Mustalahal hadith were layed down and followed for a reason. To serve as an aid to later muhaditheen in further scrutinisation and classification of hadith, remember the early hadith collectors did not close the doors to this. Lay people like me are reluctant to take the text (Kitab and Sunnah) literally as we read it, therefore we rely on tafsir of the Mufassireen, and classification/commentary of the Muhaditheen. If there is a difference of opinion, lay people like me follow the guiding principles from books like Adab al-Mufrad such as adab al-Ikhtilaf without jumping to rather sentimental conclusions.

    And there is a stark difference between kissing the hands and feet of Prophet of Allah (saw) and other men. It is well documented in the books of Ahadith and seerah that the companions took barakah even from his mucus. But no man, than or now can share the same status as the Prophet of Allah (saw), and no pir, faqir, sufi can share the status of Imam Ali (ra) or Al’Abbas to have their hands kissed. And there are no indications in any text allowing Muslims.. let alone asking to kiss the hands and feet of certain ‘pious’ individuals. The Imam Ibn Khaldun reports that Sayedunna Umar disapproved when he found out that Amr ibn al-‘As was having his hands kissed as governor of Egypt. However Amr mentioned it was the practice of the rulers of Egypt denoting it was a matter of custom rather than a matter of religion.

    I think it’s important that we understand these issues clearly, because we obviously do not want people to start collecting mucus of their ‘pious’ Sufi Pirs because Sahabah may have done so with that of Prophet (saw).

  6. Brother Salman.

    The Mustalahal discussion is a distraction from the scope of this very simple matter.

    The purpose of Mustalahal instruction wasn’t to believe that somehow a 20th century scholar would become more capable of scrutinizing hadith of his predecessors, but it was as system to show the justification and power behind the techniques used by the Taba’Tabayeen and great Muhaddith of their age.

    What is interesting is the contradictions you are presenting. In one case you say

    “However it would be different if Ali (ra) kissed the hands and feet of al-Abbas and Prophet (saw) approved or recommended it. ”

    When I show hadith which involve the Prophet (S) then you say that the Prophet (S)is a different case.

    Also the Sahabi are different sort of people. So what does that mean, their example of manners of greeting don’t apply?

    Can we say that saying “Salamu’alaykum” was only for them, because they were special? What else are we going to put in this category

    This is a absurd line of reasoning.

    Kissing the hand is a sunnah

    “# Tamim ibn Salama relates with a chain of trustworthy narrators that Abu `Ubayda ibn al-Jarrah kissed `Umar’s hand when the latter came to Damascus, after which they both began to weep. Tamim said: “Therefore they considered that kissing the hand is Sunna,” and in another version: “Kissing the hand is Sunna,” and in another: “Kissing is Sunna.”

    Ibn Abi Shayba narrates it in his Musannaf (8:750 Adab), Bayhaqi in his Sunan (7:101 Nikah), both from Sufyan al-Thawri who narrated it in his Jami`. Ibn al-A`rabi mentions it in the Siyar (1:15). Abu Nu`aym also mentions it but through another chain. Ahmad cites it in Kitab al-wara` (p. 113 #510). Bayhaqi narrates it in his Kitab al-adab (p. 181 #296). Ghazali in his Ihya’ also cited it. Ibn Taymiyya cites it as evidence in the Mukhtasar al-fatawa al-misriyya (p. 563-564). The meaning of Tamim’s comment is that these two are of the Ten who were given the glad tidings of Paradise, and they would not have done it if it were not the Sunna.

    Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Minhaji al-Suyuti (d. 880) cites it in his book Ithaf al-akhissa bi fada’il al-masjid al-aqsa (p.231) but his version states that Abu `Ubayda ibn al-Jarrah extended his hand to shake the hand of `Umar and `Umar extended his hand, whereupon Abu `Ubayda descended to kiss it wishing to magnify him among the people. At this `Umar descended to the foot of Abu `Ubayda and kissed it. ”

    # al-Shu`bi narrates — and also Hammad ibn Salama from `Ammar ibn Abi `Ammar — that Zayd ibn Thabit intended to go on a trip, whereupon the young `Abd Allah ibn `Abbas stood humbly at his side and taking hold of the reins of his mount adopted the attitude of a humble servant in the presence of his master. Zayd said to him: “Don’t, O cousin of the Prophet.” “Thus we were commanded to treat our ulama and elders,” was `Abd Allah’s reply. Zayd said to him in turn: “Let me see your hand.” Abdullah stretched out his hand. Zayd, taking it, kissed it and said: “Thus we were commanded to treat the members of the household of the Prophet.” al-Abhari and Ghazali mention it, and the latter adds that `Umar once helped Zayd Ibn Thabit to mount his camel by holding his foot, and said to the onlookers: “Do the same.” al-Zabidi (Ghazali’s commentator) said: “I.e. with your `ulama’.”

    Narrated by al-Khatib in al-Faqih wa al-mutafaqqih (2:99), Bayhaqi in al-Madkhal (p. 137), and Ibn Sa`d in his Tabaqat (2:360) from Abu Nu`aym with a sound (sahih) chain according to Ibn Hajar in al-Isaba (1:561 “Zayd ibn Thabit”). Also by Tabarani and Ibn al-Muqri’ in his Rukhsa (p. 95 #30), Tabari in his Tarikh (11:57, al-Fath), and Ibn `Asakir in his Tarikh in the biography of Zayd.

    The analysis on this issue has been done centuries ago.

    The fact of the matter is this is a practice of Sunnah, like the Prophet (S) predicted, which is lost in these end of times. I don’t have the details of your reference, but Umar (R) disapproving of a person commanding this practice in government is different than sincerely showing their respect for the sake of Islam and respect of elders and learned people, which he himself did as I showed above.

    Worrying about what people will do with mucous is a secondary issue which has absolutely no consequence on the discussion at hand.

    Trying to deny the evidences and the hadiths which make this case is trying to deny a skyscraper in front of you. Denying it doesn’t make the overwhelming evidence that this practice is sunnah towards the learned and the elders go away.

    • Asalamu Aleikum All,

      I find it really very very sad, that nobody has even said one good word about the Show. Alhamdullilah it is one of the best English programmes on all islamic channels and the only reason why I watch Noor Tv, because everything is in Urdu, a language which unfortunately I do not speak. These sisters put so much effort, search thoroughly and every sunday, they come from different parts of the Uk to record the show in Birmingham. And to be honest with you very very rarely I see a Wahabi or Salafi sister together with a Sunni sister on a show. Also I find it quite sad that none of you mentioned their names. So mashallah for sister Sadia who comes on the show every sunday and debates with sister Memunah and sister Abida. I wonder how many people will do this. But as usual whenever there is something good, there will always be somebody who will start judging and expressing opinion and finding something bad. May Allah Swt guides us all and purify our hearts. Ameen

      • W/salaam Eva

        Initially when you come across the programme its intriguing. However after a while doubts about its authencity and purpose creep in. Nonetheless its good to see people taking an interest in issues that are otherwise disregarded. Its just such a shame that the effort in terms of bringing something of substance to the discussion is often one-sided, which doesnt really allow for an exploration of the topic at hand.

    • Miyan Nayyar-ul-Islam Makhdoomi

      Jazâkallâh, May Allâh increase your knowledge more & more.

  7. Jzk brother Yusril for the detailed exposition.

    My comments were related to the particular reference from Adab al-Mufrad I mentioned in the op about kissing the hands and FEET. Brining up of Mustalahal was to explore reasons as to why Sh Albani may have excluded this particular reference from his Saheeh Adab al-Mufrad. Allah ta’ala knows best.

    I am sure the researchers for the show will find your detailed references very useful.

    I apologise for not being strident in my research 🙂

  8. Pardon me bro Salman, but your blog is nothing short of mere codswallop! Unknowingly, you appear to be siding with the ‘salafi orientated’ sister. Not only is it full of typo errors and spelling mistakes but also full of non-authenticated judgements about the essence of the subject at hand, forget being strident in your research. I am totally in agreement in with Yursil’s comments and evidences, and I am sure that Noor TV are not in need of these as they are well equipped in knowledge and understanding than laypersons. The ‘sufiesque’ sister you say goes off tangent probably can’t cope with the continual nonchalant remarks from the Salafi one and hence tries to make her see sense from a wordly perspective.

    Like you I also wonder about the purpose of the show, however, it aims to highhlight the heretical views of the deviant wahabbis/salafis/deobandis etc! And it does a good job as far as I can see.

    Let’s not mock their efforts…….at least they are trying. Or is it that sisters are doing this programme rather than a group of brothers that bothers you?

    Suffice to say that Adab al-Mufrad is just as corrupt as the Corruptor Al-Bani! Why doesn’t he pick out other issues to tamper with and edit at his pleasure, rather than choose those that form the essence of the adab and akhlaq and ishq for the Pious? Ooops I forget…..they don’t know what that is do they!?

    May Allah SWT guide us all. Aameen.

    • The role of the chair is rather redundant, she isn’t meant to be siding with anyone of the debatee’s but clearly often does so at the expense of the discussion.

      Whether the presenters are male or female is irrelevant, since this isn’t a gender war, so lets not make it that either SA. The issue here is to do with knowledge and the message they are trying to propogate via their topics – and often it (the programme) lacks any “real” discussion because the Salafi sister never seems to do her “homework” so to speak, and therefore fails to bring a substantive contribution to the discussion.

      I wonder are any of these girls aalimah’s, have they studied these texts in their entirety? Because anyone can pick up a book, flip a few pages, google a few things and hey presto there’s something to argue with! If they are mere students (who are self-taught), then the amount of reading they do regarding the topic is admirable but they also need to be aware of the history of Islam, that Islam went through processess of refinement and takes into account many factors regarding certain issues including the culture of the people, their way of being etc. There is a reason why people are encouraged to learn with the aid of a teacher, otherwise we’d all be self-taught arm chair scholars, penning our own points of view by sprinkling a few hadith here and there.

      If the programmes purpose is to provide a topic to get viewers braincells ticking, then it certainly does that but if you take it to be a “scholarly” programme then its lacking a great deal in not only its concept, but also in the lack of substantive content.

  9. SA you are entitled to your opinion and many thanks for your feedback, Insha’Allah I will try to improve on my typos etc.

    With all due respect I will not engage in discussion with any narrow minded person who feels comfortable calling groups of Muslims from wahabbi/salafi/deobandi deviant and heretical at the same time as calling Adab al-Mufrad corrupt. Anyone with such ill thinking does not deserve my time.

    • Just for your information:

      King Faisal International Prize – For Islamic Studies

      The 1999 King Faisal International Prize For Islamic Studies (Contributions to the Study, Verification and Authentication of the Hadith “Prophetic Sayings”) is awarded to: A Scholar who said such great things did such wonderful research on Hadith , which are being presented below for all Muslims to read and adore this great Islamic Scholar of modern times and of course the Salafis have already said that he is one of the greatest Authentic Islamic Scholar ????

      1. This great scholar said it is permissible for menstruating women and those in a state of major defilement (junub) to recite, touch, and carry the Qur’an !!!???
      2. This great scholar said that whoever travels intending to visit the Prophet (s)or to ask him for his intercession is a misguided innovator !!!???
      3. This great scholar said Tamam al-Minna that masturbation does not annul one’s fast – – -????
      4.This great scholar published “corrected” editions of the two Sahihs of al-Bukhari and Muslim, which he deceitfully called “Abridgments” (mukhtasar) in violation of the integrity of these motherbooks ???
      5. This great scholar published newly-styled editions of the Four Sunan, al-Bukhari’s al-Adab al-Mufrad, al-Mundhiri’s al-Targhib wa al-Tarhib, and al-Suyuti’s al-Jami` al-Saghir, each of which he split into two works, respectively prefixed Sahih and Da`if in violation of the integrity of these motherbooks__???
      6. This great scholar suggests that al-Bukhari is a disbeliever for interpreting the Divine Face as dominion or sovereignty (mulk) in the verse { Everything will perish save His countenance } (28:88) in the book of Tafsir in his Sahih !!!???
      7. This great scholar In imitation of the Mu`tazila, tawassul (seeking means), istighâtha (asking for help), and tashaffu` (seeking intercession) through the Prophet(s) or one of the Awliyâ’ he declared prohibited acts in Islam (harâm) tantamount to idolatry (shirk) in his booklet al-Tawassul as did his friends Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Baz of Saudi Arabia another greatest authentic Islamic Scholar of modern times !!!???
      8. This great scholar In at least five of his books calls for the demolition of the Green Dome of the Prophet’s(s) Mosque in al-Madina al-Munawwara and for taking the Prophet’s(s) grave outside the Mosque_________!!!???###
      9. This great scholar states: “I have found no evidence for the Prophet’s(s) that he(s) hears the salaam from someone near.” This and the previous item are among his greater enormities and bear the unmistakable signature of innovation and deviation.hearing of the salaam of those who greet him at his grave” and “I do not know from where Ibn Taymiyya took his claim!!! ???###
      10. This great scholar considers it an innovation to visit relatives, neighbors, or friends on the day of `Eid and prohibits it – – – – !!!???###
      11. This great scholar gave the fatwa that Muslims should exit Palestine en masse and leave it to the Jews as it is part the Abode of War (dâr al-harb)!!!???###
      12. This great scholar advocates in his Salat al-Nabi (s), the formula “Peace and blessings upon THE Prophet” instead of “upon YOU , O Prophet” in the tashahhud________!!!???###****
      13. This great scholar prohibits praying more than 11 rak`as in Tarawih prayers on the grounds that the Prophet (s) never did and in blatant rejection of his explicit command to follow the Sunna of the well-guided Caliphs after him???
      14. This great scholar declares that adding more to 11 supererogatory rak`as in the late night prayer (tahajjud) is an innovation rather than an act of obedience !!!???
      15. This great scholar considers it an innovation to pray four rak`as between the two adhâns of Jumu`a and before Salat, although it is authentically narrated that “the Prophet prayed four rak`as before Jumu`a and four rak`as after it.???
      16. This great scholar declares it prohibited (harâm) and an innovation to lengthen the beard over a fistful’s length !!!?
      17. This great scholar gives free rein to his propensity to insult and vilify the Ulema of the past as well as his contemporaries. As a result it is difficult to wade through his writings without being affected by the nefarious spirit that permeates them. For example, he considers previous editors and commentators of al-Bukhari’s al-Adab al-Mufrad (“Book of Manners”!) “sinful,” “unbearably ignorant,” and even “liars” and “thieves ???

      Shaikh Muhammad Nasir Ad-Din Al-Albani (Syria)



    • By the way……these are not my words, rather taken from a website.

      • The link for this website? After all providing the source for the basis your arguments is part of a constructive debate – simply cutting and pasting is not productive.

  10. SA I did say I will not engage with you, but now out of curiousity can you please tell me what is this Sunni Islam you follow? The Sunni Islam which excludes salafis and deobandis? I guess it only leaves Brelawis. Are you one of those??

  11. I am quite shocked to see how biased our judgement is of this programme

    The sisters who attend are all being targetted, ‘the presenters not neutral’ ‘salafi sisters comes unprepared’ ‘Sunni / Sufi Sisters goes off topic’.

    One i firmly believe majority of the people who have contributed to this discussion dont hold even half the knowledge the sisters who have this debate do. (even if there knowledge is from reading a few pages and googling a few thing) How many of us would last under the camera for one hour like they do?

    Two aside from a small discussion on alabani editing of Al Adab al Mufrad, no one is talking about the proofs presented by the sisters. Yes quite often the salafi sister does lose the argument (eventhough she has never admitted this as far as i know). Is it not a possibilty, that the argument of the Sunni / Sufi sister was irrefutable? Or is it the case that unless the Salafi sisters wins the argument the programe is unless and vice versa?

    • Good points Tariq. In my defense I did consider all these points when making this post and wondered what others might have to contribute.

      However, no one picked up on the possibility of this programme being a complete setup which I have been insinuating. The programme is not live, so how do we know the production is not result of several hours or weeks of rehersal to produce a desired conclusion where the participants are nothing more than just actors??

  12. Well anything a possibilty but without proof we shouldnt utter such claims. As someone can easily turn around and claim ‘this thread is here to only promote the programme’

    I dont think the programme is set up as the Sunni sister is often present at events which Noor TV does, and often delievers a speech.

    But regardless if it is or isnt a set up. The proofs which they present arent ‘actors’

  13. It require humbleness to kiss a hand of pious ulama.

  14. take advice from peace tv best islamic channal eva may Allah bless DR Zakir Nail

    • Take advice from someone who says “Radiallah tala anho” (May Allah be pleased with him) after mentioning the name of Yazid, and made remarks that Karbala was a political battle. He participated in slaughter of the Prophet Muhammed SAW family, do you still admire him????

  15. sisters should start behaving like sisters and stop insulting each other we are all mulims believe in 1 Allah and his messenger saaw come on show some love

  16. has anyone got sister sadias email addrss

  17. Well…. what can i say except that this is the era of the sufis, who preach love, Islam is not harshness, one must understand that there is no shariah witthout tariqa, may Allah swt shower you all in the truth…. Ma’shallah may be they are showing both side ie wahaabi and sufi, BUt its about time that sufis stood up to th wahabbis who have judged and tried sufis without opening their hearts so well done sisters on noor tv may Allah swt continue to enlighten you and guide – ameen

  18. That girl on the show who is supposedly a Salafi is not a Salafi. If you watch Noor TV, you will see the advert to the show, she appears in the advert convincing people to watch the show. Then she sits in that chair, pretends to be a Salafi, weakly presents arguments, and then loses the debate gracefully in order to fool the gullible Pakistani audience. It’s all a scam really. What do you expect?

  19. Sadia said in one recent show that majority emailers agree with her, they receive seem to go in her favour, so I don’t think it’s a set up because humeira also agreed with her. Body language wise she does seem to get quite irritated with the whole shrine nonsense. Muslims are not stupid, alhamdullilah.

  20. Salaam I wanted to say the sisters on the programme search for the truth have clearly been plucking their eyebrows.I asked a scholar on ummah channel regarding plucking eyebrows and he said it is haraam.the sisters are talking about islam and acting religious but their eyebrows are plucked.they are giving the wrong information out to the viewers regarding plucking eyebrows.if its haraam why are they doing it and talking about islam.the viewers will copy them and its wrong.I want to know why they are plucking their eyebrows.x

  21. Yeah sumera I should email them but I don’t think they will do a whole show on this.what would you say regarding plucking eyebrows.can sumone give their views on this topic I would be grateful.x

  22. i m a brummy and was very impressed with these girls….I wanted my daughter to be a friend of them. I investigated the matter and found about biggest hypocrisy of 20th century….sadia and memona r sisters and daughters of loyal mureed of peer…..dont trust me…go to witton and search 4 truth…u ll find the worst religous misconduct and crime

  23. This is one hell of fraud in actual fact this pir is a shia note how not a single program on Noor Tv is anti Shia, and worse the Sadia and Memona are miureeds of this shia pir dont believe me check the following both are sitting next to one another and just see how they sing the praises of the shia as they have learnt them from thier Pir


  25. This gets better

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