Sumera and Thaqib are a Muslim married couple living in London who will be sharing their experiences and perspectives on variety of issues from  current events, social-political issues, Islam, lifestyle, theology, philosophy, book/movie reviews, general stuff to challenges of life.

Sumera is a psychologist working as a mental health researcher.

Thaqib is an analyst working in construction and facilities industry.


  1. AA-

    Awww..this is so cute…a married couple blogging together. 🙂

    Seriously, nice to see you guys undertaking this effort. Sumera, I guess this means you’ve ceased and desisted on your old blog, right? After all, the wife’s actions must fall under the jurisdiction of the hubbie. 😉

  2. MashAllah m so happy to see that there r ppl trying. Sumera, I didn’t know ur married, I thot u were a teenager! lol 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to introduce a magazine to u, n all readers, that I work for. It’s an islamic one, rly gud, nice magz. U can check out the net version on http://www.thetruthmag.com. If u want a copy, tell me where u live, I’m cuming there in a few days, will try to get u a few magz. Anyway, good luck wid ur website 😀

  3. stumbled on this blog accidentally while googling islam and wealth . read all the posts ! wonderful job.

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