State within a State (Pakistan)

‘We will not allow a State within State’ was the Pakistan Govt rhetoric during the Lal Masjid Siege and the consequent massacre it carried out. Today, the same justification is used by the current regime to declare War on its own citizens, an american war which has created 100,000 refugees with more expected and increasing number of casualties. But there is another ‘State within State’ being created in Pakistan…

Some news bites

ISLAMABAD – Once again, 4 American nationals were caught red-handed by Capital Police in the wee hours of Tuesday when they were carrying weapons publicly. However, they managed to secure release and continue their journey to a mysterious destination, sources informed.  Source

Interior Ministry officials told the body that 284 “special Americans”, including US diplomats, were residing in 414 houses in Islamabad. Source

The provincial chief of the Jamat-e-Islami party, Saraj-ul-Haq, said that the Pakistani operation against militants, which is being conducted ‘with the consent of America’, should be stopped as it only fulfills the aims of the enemy.
“Now this is sure, that all the blasts, either carried out on Faisal Mosque or Khyber Bazaar, are carried out by Blackwater,” he said.  Source

ISLAMABAD – FOUR American citizens were caught red-handed by Capital Police in the early hours of Tuesday for photographing sensitive buildings. All four were dressed in traditional Afghan outfits and were found to be in possession of illegal weapons and explosives. Source

KARACHI – The foreigners affiliated with the notorious private military contractor Blackwater, whose security company Blackwater was later renamed as Xe Services LLC, arrived in Islamabad on Tuesday through a PIA flight, sources told TheNation.
“Of the 274 passengers, who boarded Pakistan’s national flag carrier-PIA, flight PK-786 from Heathrow Airport UK, 202 were foreigners but they were fluently speaking Urdu language,” disclosed the sources.
The officials on duty at Shaheed Benazir International Airport Islamabad said, “We had instructions to allow the foreigners entry without custom procedure.” Source

The growing size of America’s presence in Pakistan is now staggering. The size of its proposed embassy in Islamabad, the presence of a large consulate in Peshawar, the huge number of FBI centres and now the presence of DynCorp and Blackwater clearly point to a large and unaccountable US state within a state. So much for accusing those in FATA and NWFP of creating a state within a state.


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  1. Don’t people wonder and question why Blackwater is Pakistan, and what its purpose serves?

  2. Anyone know why “human rights activist” Jamil Abbasi is being held in connection with the Inter-Risk raids/arrests?

  3. Shame on u rehman malik for letting amercians to wantor so feerly in pakistan. Shame on u PPP government.

  4. I am not particularly aware of Jamil Abbasi case but the situation in Pakistan is fast declining.

  5. Can you define “declining” in any more detail?

  6. The war in South Waziristan will destabilise Pakistan and will do nothing to make Pakistan any safer. The war will lead to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of refugees in FATA and will distract resources away from countering India and from defending the state from America’s plans. The argument that the war in SW is designed to stop terrorism (especially when the actors behind such actions are hotly debated) is weak, as there were no such attacks in 2004 when the military went into Waziristan in the first assault after 9-11. Only those blinded by propaganda can claim that Pakistan is today more stable for supporting America’s war than it was eight years ago.

    Kerry Lugar is nothing short of colonisation through the front door. It is designed to transform Pakistan to a western, secular pro India, anti Islamic country. Most of the aid is non military and is designed to support reforms in education, social maters and economic areas. Aid of $1.5 billion a year, most of which will inevitably flow back to the US through consultant fees and administration is miniscule to what is being asked for in return and this coupled with Pakistan’s dependency on IMF aid clearly demonstrates where the country is heading with the current govt and its policies.

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