Lahori Masala, Commercial Street.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of dining at the Lahori Masala, a brand new restaurant on London’s Commercial Street.  Spicy, rich, Lahori taste  is what I was expecting as suggested by the name,  instead dishes after dishes served gave taste of Sylhet then anything Lahore. I mean, why would you name a restaurant Lahori Masala when there is nothing Lahore about it? Perhaps to confuse people with the more established Lahore Kebab House on the other side, on Commercial Road.

Lahori Masala is a massive restaurant with about 600 seating, reasonably decorated, good service but food can be a let down if you’re expecting lahori food. Nonetheless, the Chicken Karahi was inquisitive though I can’t say the same about Lamb which was actually quite sweet. Sheekh Kebabs were perfect, whereas chicken wings and lamb chops were just standard. Mango Lassi was thin, papardoms were charged for and all 4 LCD screens were showing a rather boring Football game – which you don’t expect in a family restaurant, as my friend observed.

Overall, not a bad place to eat considering its only minutes walk from Liverpool Street and the Spitalfields. But beware, they do not serve tea!!.


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  1. How did you ever manage to stumble home without your post feast tea?

  2. I didn’t. Next stop was McD’s :p

  3. When I went, there were more waiters than customers!

    • Service any decent? In Bundu Khan it was the same, they (the waiters) were coming out of the woodworks, but they were inept and had to be prompted by management to attend to the restauranters!

  4. I spoke to the original Lahore Kebab House (Umberston St, just of Commercial Rd) and they said they have nothing to do with this Commercial Street restaurant.

    They were actually very annoyed that they’ve copied the interior, the menu’s, the name, and even the outside signage is the same!

    So if I was you I’d walk the extra 10 minutes to go to the original (and alongside Tayyabs) the best curry in the area.

  5. I went to this place when it first opened to make use of the ‘intoductory offer’ considering the restaurant was almost deserted the service, food, atmosphere even with the 50% discount the bill was like a slap on the face. I agree with Nick just walk the extra mile (or bus even) and enjoy a proper Lahori cuisine for the same price.

    Btw is there a time when Tayyab around the corner is not so busy??

    • Tayyabs is always busy – which is a shame as not everyone is willing to queue for anything up to an hour for a bite to eat or can relax with potential diners hovering over you waiting for the seat to be vacated!

  6. Slater,Sumera,Nick you people are really sad and need to get a life.

  7. Thank you google and thank you for this review.

  8. From the moment I stepped in I felt like leaving. The decor consisted of extremely bright white lighting everywhere, tiled marble effect floor, cheap wooden tables, cash till resting by the kitchen door, gave this new restaurant no atmosphere whatsoever. It could have been a florists, or a newsagents, or plumbers merchants – zero style!

    However, I live local and thought they’re new so let’s give them a try.

    Upon entry, my wife and I were shown to a table near the front door (despite the fact that it was near to zero centigrade in Jan), I said no and that I wanted a table further into the restaurant. I noticed a few heaters trying to warm the place up, but we both had to leave our coats on as it was still very cold.

    Finally shown to our new table, we sat down on the hardest most uncomfortable metal framed seats you can imagine. Next we noticed the table (on the tiled floor) was uneven and was rocking as either one of us lent upon it.

    After being handed the (extremely sparse) menu for only two minutes we were asked if we were ready to order. I replied that I needed to read it first. A few minutes later another waiter asked again. Then the first waiter came back and asked if we wanted drinks and papadoms. At this point we then found out that they didn’t serve alcoholic drinks (e.g. wine / beer), but still willing to give them a try I ordered a £3.50 lassi, and my wife ordered a water. Less than a minute later a third waiter asked if we were ready to order, and again I stated that I still needed to read the menu. My (vegetarian) wife then told me that she found the menu to be very unexciting and limited and I could tell that she was not impressed, and this coupled with the pestering staff just caused to irk us even more.

    After about another five minutes we then gave the place one more look around and decided – enough, lets get out of here. I then had to ask three staff for the bill for the papdoms, as they seemed unable to understand that we wanted to leave. They didn’t even manage to serve our drinks.

    The main reason we went there was that it was very close to us, and felt that we needed to give it a try (support the local businesses).

    I should have known better! I noticed about six months ago when the owners were refurbishing the building, that they’d made a really nice job of renovating the infrastructure and had exposed some lovely stone work with the old traders names above the doors and windows. However, as soon as Lahori Masala came along they covered the stonework with their extremely tacky bright neon light signs covering the whole front facia.

    My overall experience was bad. I hope this quickly becomes a bar or fashion shop.

    My advice: don’t waste your time or money here – go the extra few yards to Brick Lane and enjoy a decent restaurant like Preem & Prithi.

  9. You are welcome Raj.

    Derrick I completly agree. And thanks for telling us about Prem and Prithi, would you by any chance know if they serve hallal?

  10. Interesting to read about this place on here – I had a very unfortunate experience in the week here

    You kind of feel like you’ve entered the waiting area for a 1950s hospital; horrid brown wooden furniture coupled with bright halogen lights reflecting against acres of a slightly grubby white floor. The awful glasses stuffed with cheap red paper serviettes are the only reminder that you’re in a restaurant.
    I’ve got to be honest, my expectations were pretty low, this is after all a low end
    Indian restaurant on Commercial St but sometimes you find a gem; so we persevered.
    Eventually the waiters came over and served us – we weren’t quite sure what the delay was – the placed was completely empty. We asked for some beers and poppadams, and waited… and waited. Eventually the waiter meandered back with them and took our order. I don’t think I’ve ever had a stale poppadam before – but the beer was at least cold.

    I ordered the Lamb Bhuna which is apparently a Chef’s Special, my colleague played safe and ordered the chicken Tikka Masala. After a fairly significant wait, which was baffling… the place was still completely empty… the food finally arrived.

    I’m not going to labour the point, it was the worst Indian food I’ve ever seen – or eaten in my life – the Chicken Tikka Masala arrived floating in an oilslick of dirty orange fat – just one piece of chicken thigh was recovered from the congealed mess – when the bright orange sauce was scraped off the meat was a very curious grey colour; it wasn’t touched. Mine looked slightly better but the sour sauce covering my meat was pretty dreadful, it did however add some moisture to the meat which was so dry it was presumably left over from the previous nights serving. We left after one mouthful and went a few doors down to a little Mexican place.
    I can only say – don’t bother… there are 100 other Indian restaurants within a five minute walk of this place. All of them are better.

  11. I’ve got to be at odds with most people here…
    The place is a bit cold but that would be down to the lack of people, possibly due to the terrible press! I’ve eaten here a few times, largely because of the location, but the quality is nothing to be sniffed at, the food is 95% as good as the original “Lahore” and if I was to place any criticism it would be that the food comes hot as standard & could catch people out!

    The primary fault however is how quiet the place is, people need to support what will soon be gone!

  12. this is craft food nasty lamb rabish food

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