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Sufi Pir on UK tour to fight extremism with dance moves.

Hisham Kabbani the Sufi deciple of Nazim Haqqani and the founder of Sufi Muslim Council is on a UK tour to teach moderation and ‘challenge extremist agendas’.

The tour will see Shaykh Hisham visit mosques in Peckham in south London, Ilford in Essex, Rochdale, Sheffield, Manchester, Bury and Birmingham as well as East Lancashire.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph today, Shaykh Hisham, who is based in the USA but was born in Beruit, said preaching moderation was important because there was a “real concern” that extremists were targeting mosques.

He said: “There are too many violent ideas and anti-Western thoughts being spread to young people in communities in Lancashire.

“There is a radical minority but they must be shunned and ignored.

“The real Islam isn’t bombing and terror but we must discuss the problems so we can avoid them.”

Lancashire Telegraph

Below is the ‘Real Islam’ show Hisham Kabbani and his Sufi Muslim council put up in Burnley in 2007. In this video they are teaching the ‘Real Islam’ to UK police and a local Mayor, no doubt such shows will be put on again with the help of funding from UK tax payers… all in the name of fighting extremism.



Dare Dervesh’s challenge to the World!

….”And I am saying to Wahhabi people, “Come with me to go up the Eiffel tower,” and I am saying to my Lord, “If I am wrong, take my soul! I am jumping from here.” If they do this they may come. And this is what I am saying to them: if they have this courage and this braveness, I am going to a high building and throwing myself down, saying, “Oh my Lord, if I am on wrong way, take my soul! I was thinking to make la`na (curse)….”


Shaykh Nazim’s Challenge to Whole World

How absolutely bizarre!