Useless Shia channels on TV

Whilst flicking through channels on our sky box, I couldn’t help notice the number of Muslim channels which have sprung up over the last year or so of which the most prominent being those running Shia themes. Muharram maybe over for most of us, but it seems for these handful of channels it may never be over. Day in day out, we have  programmes, documentaries, lectures and wailing continuously glorifying the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the events leading to Karbala and the aftermath.

Fair enough, if you have to mourn, dedicate a few days or even the whole month for this, but carrying on as if the  whole of Islam revolves around this particular incident is a bit too much. All of us, Sunnis and Shias recognise the brave steps Imam Hussain (ra) and the Ahlul Bayt took to protest, demand and protect their rights through a struggle which serves an example for the rest of Muslims and generations to come.  An example and practical guide for us when it comes to seeking  justice and freedom in times of tyranny and oppression. So why not use this time to learn and reflect upon these important lessons rather than to remain in constant state of mourning throughout Muharram and the rest of the year??

I don’t have a problem with the Shia channels, but what a waste of resources to dedicate most of the airtime narrating, glorifying, reproducing and might I add exaggerating events which took place over a thousand years ago. Events which have very little to do with the very basis of our belief in Islam, its legal maxims and laws which emanate from them. An event which has no relevance to the modern world, except the striking resemblances to the time of Imam Hussein, where Karbala today along with most of the Muslim world is run by tyrannical  despots, dictators implementing crude Capitalism and oppressors far worse than Yazid ibn Muawiyyah. In light of our current situation, what good is the constant wailing, self harm and being stuck in history?

The problems faced by Muslims in the modern world are far complex, with tremendous differences ranging from east to the west. For so long Muslims have cried for lack of Muslim run Media to unspin the biases of western Media and its misrepresenting and doctoring of facts. Isn’t it a shame that we now have so many Muslim run channels both Sunnis and Shias but they seriously lack all the qualities of Muslim Media, instead are engrossed in fueling sectarianism, preaching hate, presenting  feuds of political nature with an Islamic twist and spiritual/political agendas of their own.

A waste of resources? I think so.


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  1. I agree with most of whats said i would say religious issues need to be highlighted just as well as other. Yes, most of these channels may be unproductive when we look at bigger picture but we do have some very professional media rep such as Aljazeera and the iranian press Tv.

  2. Al-Jazeera may present a very professional journalism but lacks the Muslim/Islamic theme, although Press TV balances things out. In my opinion Islam Channel (813) is maturing into a brilliant Muslim media outlet too.

  3. Just accept the fact, only because they are shia channels that is why you are not liking them and hey your topic title is showing that!

    May Allah guide you that now things related to Islam seem useless to you!

  4. the problems faced by the muslim world is EXACTLY because we have forgotten the advice of our great prophet (saawa), which was to hold onto to the two weighty things, the Holy Qur’an and his pure progeny. And to hold onto to them means to live by them and to emulate them and to be guided by them.

  5. oye fool cursin ur own muslim bruvas like dat doesnt make u a gud a shia and proud of it. Luk around u we shud be united not cousin beef ..u treator who payed u 2 curse ur own bruvas like dat..if u waz in front of me i beat u down boy teach u manners..if u still think ur badboy den heres my nmba i link u anyday 07940253515

  6. Typing in English would be a start soldgier786!

  7. Dear Friends,

    We are fast to blame shia channels but what about the millions of channels which challenge human morality around the clock; there is a little objection to them !!!

    Of course, everyone has the right to accept and reject whatever on which channels is being shown. However, shia channels present more explicit documents and history becuase this particular community were quanrantined throughout the history till the recent past !

    I am not their advocate but please rest assured most of these channels are run by intellectuals and journalists therefore classified historical/policitcal and absolute concurrent presentation will be available to view. However, hopefully the objective that the content will be guidance serving not only for muslims but for all the mankind too.

    Thanks and regards

  8. Well, Quran majeed is over 14 hundrend years old, why do you think Allah swt repeates the stories of the Prophets and their people again and again? Who were the people chosen by Allah swt to safe guard his deen? The very reason we all claim to be muslims today is becasue of that sacarafice which was made thousand years ago by Imam Hussain as and his family and friends. Sons of abu sufuan, mohavia and yazid did everything they could do to destroy the message of all the Prophets..
    Salvation lies in their remembrance, you will learn to deal with modern day problems and issues if you understood their sacrafice and ways.

  9. By understanding the philosphy of the Prophet and his family peace be upon them , we will all reach salvation, other wise we are lost people,

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