Abyss of enticement

Here is an excellent short video I came across on youtube.  It captures correctly the struggles and distractions we face on daily basis which keep us away from getting closer to our Rabb and vulnerable to the whispers of Shaytaan. The means by which Shaytaan enters into the human heart is through the blameworthy qualities (sifaat al-madhmuuma), which are innumerous and one of such are the corrupt passions (as-Shahwaa). Whoever follows after his corrupt passions, Shaytan then enters upon his heart and makes these passions seem fair seeming to him until the person is eventually destroyed.

The Veil by Fahad Shaikh

A man finds beauty in the most unlikely of circumstances and follows his heart to become a victim of life’s biggest deception.

Verily the shaitaan is an enemy to you all, so take him as an enemy.
He only calls his followers to be the people of a blazing fire”
(Sura Faatir 35, Ayat 6)

Please share your views.


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  1. It would have been interesting to see the “face” of the niqaab clad dunya!

  2. Thats the only way they could show his utter disgust and fear of what he was busy chasing whilst neglecting matters far important.

  3. Life’s too short to chase after the world. It’s a shame most of us have to die first to realise it.

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